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Chester Rural End of Month Newsletter
April 2016

PS Ian Wilson
Beat Management Sergeant – Frodsham & Chester Rural.    
Welcome to my third edition of the Chester Rural Police update as the Chester Rural Sergeant. I will endeavor to both circulate the Newsletter monthly at the end of each month and attach to the rural section of the website. Within the newsletter I will update you on crime / anti-social behavior in your local areas, as well as highlighting and celebrate what my staff are / have been doing to support communities and address the on-going issues. I will also highlight Chester Rural’s major priorities for the next month.
I am trying to communicate with as many of our rural residents as possible with these updates and I am looking to increase our subscribers to Cheshire Alert, so please highlight the advantages of signing up to friends/relatives in the area. Also, (as I know many of you already do) please also print-off and circulate the newsletters to those who don’t have computer / e-mail access.
As well as the regular Cheshire Alert updates, please be aware of further rural information on the Chester Local Policing Unit twitter page (@PoliceChester) and the Cheshire Police website (
The Chester Rural Team;
I have attached photographs of myself and my team to this newsletter in order that you will hopefully recognise us in your community.
   PC Ged Gigg – South Rural (Tattenhall, Farndon & Malpas) Ged is also our Wildlife Crime Officer
   PC Rob Boulton – Gowy & Chester Villages
   PC Michelle Flanagan – Helsby, Frodsham & Kingsley
Elton Ward – PCSO Jake Connolly
  1. Ongoing ASB at the local train station is being tackled by partnership working. Local PCSO Connolly has been working with CWAC, BTP and Northern rail to tackle the issues. All local residents have been visited and advised to call 101 with any issues. There have not been any recent reports which are a good sign but by working together as a community we are looking for a long term sustainable solution.
  1. The Zebra crossing has now been installed on school lane outside Elton primary school. The new zebra crossing is a fantastic new addition to the primary school as it relieves school parking issues but more importantly increases the safety of both children and parents. It has demonstrated the crucial and efficient process of partnership working including the many departments of CWAC, Cheshire Constabulary, the parish council and key members of the community. 
  1. Community speed watch is back in full swing now the evenings are lighter. Exceeding the speed limit is not acceptable as this increases the risk of accidents and the safety of children and all community members is paramount. Motorists are being dealt with appropriately when identified as speeding.
Beat Meetings;
  • Elton Police Surgery – outside local shops – 4th 11th 18th 25th May at 1100
  • Elton Parish Council Meeting – Community Centre – 9th May at 1900
  • Ince Parish Meeting – Community Centre – 4th May at 1900
  • Thornton Le Moors – Holly Bank, Pool Lane – 4th May at 1945
Chester Villages Ward – PCSO Debbie Netherton

Guilden Sutton;
Suspicious activity reported in the area on the 1st April. Three males were sighted in the afternoon in Arrowcroft Road, patrols searched the area but the males were not located. There have been no crimes reported in this area.
On the 8th April a mini digger and trailer was stolen from the Scottish Power Substation on Belle Vue Lane.
Mickle Trafford;
Nothing to report during April
Wimbolds Trafford;
There is an anti-fracking protest camp set up in a lay-by on the A56 Warrington Road opposite the junction with Ince Lane. The protestors state they are there to raise the communities awareness of the potential impact that fracking can have on the area.
Parking issues at school times with the local PCSO is monitoring
On the 7th April a garden shed was broken into on Plough Lane and four mountain bikes stolen.
On the 9th April a suspicious Black Renault Traffic Van was sighted in Haslin Crescent. There is nothing to link this vehicle to the burglary two days earlier.
Beat Meeting;
Frodsham Ward – PCSO Neil Flanagan

During April there has been an increase in reports of anti-social behavior in the area of Eddisbury Square and surrounding area. Residents have expressed their concerns regarding groups of youths loitering on the bench, drinking, smoking and noise nuisance.
Local officers have increased patrols in the area at key times and have spoken to residents in the area to provide reassurance and to deter any further issues.
Recently Frodsham has experienced an increase in the number of shoplifting incidents within the town centre, which clearly has a detrimental effect on our local retailers.  We recognise this type of offending also affects the wider community as the proceeds gained from this type of crime can be used for drug and alcohol misuse.  
To date, we have identified some of the offenders involved and are actively looking to identify and deal effectively with the other offenders.
In addition, we are working with our colleague at Liverpool Ports Police to address an issue with scramblers on the Frodsham marshes, the scrambler bikes are not only being ridden in an  anti-social manner but are also disturbing the habitat and nesting sites of rare birds. We will keep you updated of the joint work we are doing and the impact it is having on the issue.
Over the weekend of the 23rd/24th April there have been two garden sheds broken into and cycles stolen on Howey Rise which is off Howey Lane (Around the rear of Castle Park) residents are reminded to remain virulent and report any suspicious incidents. 
Community Speed Watch;

Community Speed Watch is designed to increase awareness about the dangers of speeding.
Speeding is one of the factors that most affects the quality of life within the Frodsham area, which in turn makes it one of our key community priorities.
Until now the Local Policing Unit has been able to do some work to tackle this problem. However, because we are being told speeding is a big concern we want to work with you. We think that the Community Speed Watch programme is a good way to move forward.
Community Speed Watch allows members of the community to volunteer and take action, helping us to educate drivers on the roads of concern in your area.
The scheme is managed by Frodsham Town Council and Cheshire Police, but run by volunteers. Volunteers use equipment that monitors the speed of passing traffic and records the details, later adding them to a database. Vehicle checks are then undertaken by the police and letters are sent to the registered keepers advising them of the speed and reminding them of why it is a community concern.
Speed Watch is not enforcement, it is education. It is important to know that Speed Watch now forms part of our response to speeding issues.  It is the first tier in our response to dealing with this problem.  If a problem persists, we escalate to tier two, meaning that enforcement can be undertaken by the police.
A couple of years ago, Frodsham Town Council purchased their very own speed Indicator device and we have some trained volunteers, however we are looking for more volunteers to do some initial training for a couple of hours and then in at least groups of two take an active role in reducing speed on the roads in Frodsham.
Think you can make a difference in your area? Get in touch via your local Police Community Support Officer Neil Flanagan at
Beat Meetings;
  • Costa Coffee, Church Street, Frodsham - Wednesday 4th May 10am – 12pm
  • Castle Park House, Castle Park, Frodsham -Thursday 10th May 10am – 11am
Friday 13th May 10am – 11pm                                                                                
Friday 20th May 10am – 11pm
Monday 23rd May 6pm – 7pm
  • Frodsham Library, Princeway, Frodsham - Thursday 19th May 5pm – 6pm
Helsby Ward – PCSO Jon Finchett

Recently there have been reports of anti-social behavior on Helsby playing fields. Reports of a group of youths being abusive and threatening towards other children playing football on the field. The males were not believed to be from the Helsby area. Passing attention by local officers in the area has been completed and there have been no issues further issues / reports in this area.
Reports of speeding on Chester Road, Helsby junction with Vicarage Lane, Helsby. The speed indication device has been deployed to the location and further speed checks will be carried out.  PCSO Finchett is in the process of setting up a council led community speed watch. If you would like more details about getting involved please email myself or Jon Finchett.
Reports received of large amounts of littering and youths causing a nuisance in the play park on Callender Gardens, Helsby. Passing attention has been given to the location and a number of youths in the area have been advised regarding respecting the local residents and using the bins provided. A further bin will be added at the location to assist with this moving forward.
Beat Meetings;
  • Tuesday 31st May at 10.00am-- JTO Tea Rooms, Chester Road, Helsby  for 1hour.
  • Tuesday 31st May at 2.00pm -- Helsby Library, Lower Robin Hood Lane, Helsby for 1hour.
Kingsley Ward – PCSO Phil Brandreth

We have received complaints about inconsiderate parking at Kingsley CP School where parents are parking on junctions. PCSO Brandreth is monitoring this on-going issue both at the school during drop-off and pick-up and via the Kingsley Facebook group.
There have been a couple of outbuilding broken into in the Norley area. As usual we are advising residents in the area to keep all out buildings locked and any valuable goods to be kept out of sight and in a safe location. If you see anything suspicious please report it at the time to the police on 101.
PCSO Brandreth has also been out with the speed gun in Norley on Post Office Lane due to recent complaints of speeding motorists. The SID has also been deployed in this area.
In addition, at the beginning of the month there was a robbery at the Kingsley store where the as yet unknown offenders stole cigarettes and made off in an unknown vehicle
Beat Meetings;
  • Sutton Weaver at Gleaves Garden Centre - 25th May 11:00am
  • Kingsley Gibson’s Mill Coffee Shop – 28th May 11:00am
  • Kingsley Community Centre – 28th May 12:00am
  • Norley Stores – 29th May 10:00am
Gowy Ward – PCSO Steve Edmonds

In early April a series of burglaries were committed in the area of Irons lane in Barrow, residents are reminded to be virulent and report individuals or activities that appear suspicious or out  of place for the area. If you have any questions or issues that you would like to discuss in person with a Member of your local policing team then there are local police surgeries held in different areas throughout the Gowy Ward..
Beat Meetings;
  • Ashton Hayes Community Shop: Saturday 7th May at 11:30am – 12:00pm
  • Barrow Village Shop: Friday 20th May at 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Tarvin and Kelsall Ward – PCSO Ryan Reid

The main complaints received from members of the community continues to be speeding motorists in the following areas. Station Road, Delamere, Willington Lane, Oscroft, Tarporley Road, Tarvin, Chester Road, Kelsall and Chapel Lane, Willington. A speed indication device has been placed out at strategic locations with the aim of reducing speed, and reminding drivers of the speed limit. You will be aware from the last Newsletter that some of the PCSO’s from other areas have recently been trained in the use the new ‘True Speed’ speed detection device to allow us to do some speed enforcement in the coming months.
Beat Meetings;
Tattenhall Ward – PCSO Jen Gilbert

Ice Cream Farm
Myself and PC Gigg have been working closely with the Ice Cream Farm regarding ongoing issues with the high number of visitors attending the attraction. Various traffic calming measures have been implemented and we hope this will ease issues in the area. We will continue to work with the farm during the upcoming warmer months.
After attending the Beeston Parish Council meeting, local officers were invited to join the residents of Beeston and Peckforton at their annual beacon lighting event. We enjoyed playing various games with the residents and even though we lost at tug-o-war we still had a great evening!

Myself and PCSO Hurst went on cycle patrol around Saighton and Tattenhall during April. It’s a great way of covering a wider distance but still being able to talk to residents about their local area.

April Priority
Anti-social behavior will be a priority again this month. I continue to receive reports by various means of youths causing issues in the local area. I will continue to monitor this closely. Previous reports are connected with anti-social behavior at the youth ‘Pod’.
Beat meetings.
  • Tattenhall Library - Friday 13th May 14.15-15.00
Farndon Ward – PCSO Jon Hurst
During the month April PCSO Jon Hurst conducted the following activities in and around the village
  • Hi visibility day and night foot and mobile patrol around the village and surrounding areas  
  • Police Surgery at the Farmers Market 9.30-10.30 am on 27th April
  • Visit made to the school
  • Attention has been given to parking outside school at pick up time
  • Joint working with CWAC Community Safety Wardens
Saighton Village Community Speedwatch

As part of a rural cycle patrol PCSO Jen Gilbert and Jon Hurst assisted Saighton Community Speedwatch on Sunday 10th April.  
Malpas Ward – PCSO Jon Hurst

. In response to the concerns of residents PCSO Jon Hurst deployed the Speed Indicator Device (SID) on Chester Road and Tilston Road; both locations are 30 mph speed limits. Jon said “the SID had a positive effect of the speed drivers entered and left the village”.  Attention will be on-going to both areas. 

                  Chester Road                                                                        Tilston Road
Farndon and Malpas Ward Meetings:
You can meet your local officers at the following meetings in May
  • Farndon Parish Council Meeting 7.30 pm on 3rd May at the Village Hall
  • Saighton and Alford Parish Council Meeting 7.15 pm at Alford Village Hall
  • Tilston Hub at the Village Hall 10-12 am on 4th May
  • Tilston Parish Council Meeting 7 pm on 5th May at the Village Hall
  • Malpas Parish Councilor’s Surgery 10-12 am on 7th May at the Jubilee Hall
  • Malpas Parish Council Meeting 7 pm on 9th May at the Jubilee Hall
  • Coddington Parish Council Meeting 7.30 pm on 10th May at the Village Hall
  • No Mans Heath Parish Council Meeting 7 pm on 12th May at the Coronation Hall Bickley
  • Wigland Parish Meeting 7 pm on 17th May at the Methodist Church
  • Churton Parish Council Meeting 8 pm on 17th May at the Village Hall Churton
  • Shocklach Parish Council Annual Meeting 7.30 pm on 18th May at Shocklach Primary School
  • No Mans Heath Parish Council Annual Meeting 7 pm on 19th May at the Coronation Hall Bickley
  • Malpas Parish Council Annual Meeting 7 pm on 24th May at the Jubilee Hall
  • Threapwood Parish Council Meeting 7 pm on 25th May at the WI Building Chorlton
Good News;
Operation Sporting – Rural Burglaries
On Sunday 17/04/16 it became obvious that Ellesmere Port had experienced a crime spike overnight (2 vehicles stolen during a house burglary, 2 motorbikes stolen and numerous shed burglaries) and that the suspects were part of the ongoing Operation SPORTING investigation which was set up to investigate recent rural burglaries.
In response the Chester and Ellesmere Port Beat Initiative Teams executed 5 search warrants across Chester, Ellesmere Port and on the Wirral. 
All 5 targets of the operation were arrested and the added bonus of a known Merseyside burglar who was wanted on a recall to prison found hiding in one address. 
A large volume of property including vehicles used in crime, class A drugs, a stolen caravan from Preston and cloned vehicle registration plates were recovered.  Both cars and motorbikes from the E’Port offence overnight was also recovered.
After a lengthy custody and CPS process ALL 5 suspects have been charged with conspiracy to burgle between February 27th and April 17th and the courts have remanded them into custody. 
There is still a large amount of property which has been recovered but not reunited with its owner as yet. The full list of property with photographs is linked to the Cheshire Police website.
Monthly Priorities
The monthly priorities for Chester Rural in May remain the same as April;
Road Safety – Speeding and parking issue remain a major priority for our rural communities and we will continue to use preventative and enforceable methods to improve the safety on our roads.
PCSO’s Jon Hurst and Jon Finchett have recently been trained in the use of the new ‘True Speed’ speed detection device to allow us to do some speed enforcement in the coming months. This enforcement will support the on-going prevention work by the PCSO’s and the community speed watch volunteers.
Operation Shield – Property Marking Burglary Reduction Initiative -
 Following the spike of shed burglaries and thefts from vehicles in the Frodsham and surrounding areas earlier on in the year we have continued distributing home property marking kits and putting up street signs in the more vulnerable areas. This work will continue supported by bike marking events and other crime reduction initiatives.

I will report on how we have actioned these monthly priorities and the impact our work has had in the March newsletter.
I have also included some information about rural watch which some of you will have heard about, I hope in the coming months to roll out this scheme across the rural area in conjunction with Op Shield.
Rural Watch;
Cheshire Police work together with a range of organisations and individuals within rural communities to build a stronger rural community.
We provide practical help for residents through our Rural Watch scheme and encourage members of the rural community to look out for each other.
Rural Watch is the overarching initiative for the sharing of information across Cheshire’s rural communities to tackle criminality and other issues affecting them.
Rural Watch is operated by local groups who are given advice on improving security and given signs to display to deter criminals.
The main aims of Rural Watch are:
  • To provide Rural Watch signs to deter criminals and anti-social behavior
  • To encourage telephone and e-mail contact between the community and Cheshire Police about crimes and suspicious activity
  • To encourage rural communities to take crime prevention and deterrent action.
Participating in a Rural Watch scheme can increase feelings of safety and security in rural areas, enhance the prevention and detection of crime, and help Cheshire Police to bring offenders to justice and recover stolen property.
As a Rural watch member you will receive:
  • Regular alerts
  • Crime Prevention advice
  • Information on outstanding rural related crimes.
Please be advised that we may not be able to report on all crimes that come in, but we will do our best to keep you as up to date as possible.
Interested in signing up to rural watch? Please email
Any feedback on this month’s newsletter will be gratefully received. Information can also be passed on anonymously, via Crimestoppers, on 0800 555 111."
Kind Regards, Ian.
PS 3014 Ian Wilson
Beat Management Sergeant (Frodsham & Chester Rural)
Blacon Police Station | Blacon Avenue | Blacon | Chester  | CH1 5BD
(External:01606 366009 (Mobile: 07720 997505
* | Visit |
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